About John Messer

About this blog:
I created this website for 3 reasons:

  1. To track the reading that I do.  I read for interest and hopefully to improve myself through continuously educating myself
  2. To share my notes from this reading with any who are interested and receive feedback on them.  I believe the future is open and sharing is the way forward: Seth’s Godin’s excellent blog has convinced me of this and I respect the sharing of other sites such as Derek Sives and Josh Kaufman.
  3. To use a simple psychological trick to commit to continuously educate myself.  Studies have shown that making public your goals increases your commitment to them.  Let’s see

About Me:
Diet and fitness: developing powerlifting strength without too muscle bound
– changing diet from complex carbs to beans and pulses
– impact of red meat on health
– powerlifting exercises to develop strength
– utilizing scientific evidence to minimize exercise time whilst maximizing benefit (e.g. HIT training)

Online business opportunities:
– Aggregation (www.movemeon.com is a fantastic example of this) and scraping
– Internet marketing
– Emerging market opportunities

Property investment:
– Buy-to-let for the Young Professional and Student Market
– Refurbishment

Education and work: Having studied Biological Anthropology, I now work as a Management Consultant for A.T. Kearney.   My job means that whilst I live in London I regularly spend Monday to Thursday working abroad.