Getting to Yes

Author: Roger Fisher & William Ury with Bruce Patton Synopsis: Good book that suggests a novel framework for improving your negotiating skills and outcomes.  Instead of negotiating based on power and positions using compromises details how both sides can gain a better deal from negotiating through principled agreement; basing neogtiations on understanding each others interests, …

Life Nomadic

Author: Tynan Synopsis: similar to the travel sections in 4-hour work week, in fact seems likely that Ferris built on Tynan book.  Notes made highlight specific products/websites to use if planning travel 

Build your memory

Author: Mark D’Arcy Synopsis: A summary of the ways memories are formed and useful systems to improve your ability to memorise.  The sections on pegging to remember long lists of numbers and creating memory palaces are particularly useful and work (I’ve seen my brother remember Pi to 100 decimal places using this system)

On writing well

Author: William Zinsser Synopsis: A weakness of mine, this book provides solid principles and methods to improve your writing style.  It focusses on non-fiction writing rather than writing a prize winning novel.  Parts 3 and 4 can be skimmed over, the value is in I and II. Standout quotation: “I always thought there was at …