Life Nomadic

Author: Tynan
Synopsis: similar to the travel sections in 4-hour work week, in fact seems likely that Ferris built on Tynan book.  Notes made highlight specific products/websites to use if planning travel 
Luggage: 30l bag is the max necessary
Clothing: wool is best as wicks away sweat, absorbs 1/3 weight b4 feeling wet, drys quick, warm when wet, smells gd
     – socks: Smart Wool for normal socks, Injinji for toe socks
     – underwear: Icebreaker (Beast briefs)
     – shirts: Icebreaker (lightest e.g. 140gm/cm)
     – trousers: brushed nylon e.g. Cloudwell
     – fleece: Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft Fleece as sold by North Face, Arc’Teryx
     – shell: Gore-Tex Paclite
Solar charger: MgSoldius
Bedding: Luxury Lite cot, Mont Bell Spiral Thermal Sheet
Waterproof: Alosak: waterproof backpack

Train schedules: MetrO
Cruise: Cruise compete
Flights: Tuesday or Wed (cheapest as no business flyers_
Sleeping in airports:
Train: Seat61
Apartments: VRBO or Craigslist
Hotels: ask for anything other than the rack rate, Priceline and see
Visits: see World Heritage Sites (never disappoint) and Wikitravel

Language learning
Methods: Pimslear Method & Remember the Kanji by James Heisig
Aids: Anki flashcard system (